Spintires: MudRunner – How to unlock garages?

Spintires: MudRunner – How to unlock garages?

Either equip garage points (at an already unlocked garage), or find a truck with garage points and deliver them to the locked garage.

Once you get to the garage, it will give you an option to “unload”
You need 4 points to unlock the garage, although you do not need to deliver all 4 at once.

How do you determine if a vehicle has garage points? I don’t see anywhere in the HUD that says.

By default, hovering your mouse over any vehicle on the map (F1) displays its contents, including available fuel, repair points, and garage points (if applicable). However, it’s uncommon to come across vehicles with points on the map, except on certain scripted maps like “crossing.” Therefore, in most cases, you’ll need to visit your garage, equip your vehicle with garage points, and unlock closed garages to make progress.

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