Spintires: China Adventure DLC

Spintires: China Adventure DLC

Experience a journey through the dense, muddy forests of Wusu Foshan National Park and over the steep, dangerous mountain ranges of the Dushanzi Grand Canyon with Spintires®: China Adventure DLC, all while being surrounded by charming rural villages.

China Adventure DLC is Spintires’ largest and most daring DLC to date, featuring:

  • Two new maps; “China Village” and “China Canyons” based on the Wusu Foshan National Forest Park and Dushanzi Grand Canyon
  • The B-CA30, a heavy-duty 6X6 Chinese truck with excellent cross-country capabilities including a standard exhaust, fireproof exhaust, flatbed, fuel cistern, spare wheel, garage parts, two utility loads, and two standby fuel tanks add-ons
  • The C-EQ2081, a heavy-duty 6X6 Chinese cargo truck, with its powerful diesel engine, intended for operations in mountainous areas. The C-EQ2081 features include a crane, crane support, flatbed, fuel cistern, garage parts, spare wheel, standby fuel tank, and utility load add-on
  • The B-CA10, light weight but capable 4X2 Chinese truck, perfectly suited for the narrow pathways in the “China Villages”. The B-CA10 features include a standard exhaust, fireproof exhaust, flatbed, fuel cistern, spare wheel, garage parts, and standby fuel tank add-ons
  • New load types specifically tailored to the DLC – rice cargo and industrial steel pipe cargo
  • New challenging achievements

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