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Rural Map v0.1

I have prepared my next map on a rural theme for you, the map is not very difficult as always, but because of the many crossings of roads across bridges, you can get confused with the direction. Each sawmill has its own road, so we choose the path carefully, tested it on a full-drive default, but who has patience will quietly pass it on a mono-drive, Ural-375 (repair part) is better not to change at the start, otherwise it will be difficult open the garage, otherwise everything as usual we load the wood, close the sawmill!

On the map:
– 1 garage (closed)
– 6 sawmills
– 1 petrol station
– 11 cars (4 starting)
– 11 exploration points
– 1 logging + 2 loading points
– Season summer

Credits: Mihail130ZiL
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1 Response

  1. Zeke308 says:

    I gave it three stars and yet it says “average 5 out of 5 stars” even after my vote got counted.

    The creator of this map has talent but goes out of his way to make it unnecessarily and excessively difficult. Too many watchpoints that are nearly impossible to locate, unlocking the garage is a questionable affair as I have yet to come across any garage trailers. One of my trucks spawned with garage points but not enough to unlock.

    It looks terrific but the layout and the design is one huge maze interwoven with streams that will immediately and completely submerge your truck without warning — one second you’re OK, then the bottom drops out and the truck is sunk.

    The map creator really didn’t balance this very well, imo.

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